What's in our canvas?


Our range of canvas products are made either from Australian canvas or an ethically sourced imported canvas, either way, you are getting only the highest quality canvas together with a cooee canvas fair wear and tear guarantee.

Our 400gsm (12oz) canvas is made from a blend of 50% Polyester and 50% cotton with a core spun "Rip-Stop" weave. The purpose of rip-stop weaves is to prevent a small hole or tear from being developing into a bigger one. Finally, the end product is finished with a hydrophobic coating to ensure adequate water resistance. The benefit of using 400gsm polycotton ripstop means that you achieve high tensile strength and tear resistance without the weight and added cost of thicker spun canvas. The softer canvas also means that the bags are easy to fold and stow when not in use. 

Care instructions are the same for all canvas products, when used outdoors our bags should be kept clean by brushing with a soft brush and using cold water only. Any heavy soiling should be cleaned as soon as possible, do not apply soaps or other detergents and ensure hydrocarbons are stowed away from the canvas. Always make sure that canvas is dry prior to storage to prevent the formation of mould and mildew. 

If you happen to encounter mildew brush them off immediately, if this re-occurs it is best to use a 1:3 part mix of bleach and water (this may affect the colouring of your product). 

Finally to ensure water repellence is at its premium the canvas should be re-proofed with a water repellent compound every 12 months. We recommend Bradmill outdoor fabric reproofing spay.